LeeKooLuu LKL-00108 Wireless Built-in Backup Camera Review

LeeKooLuu LKL-00108 Wireless Built-in Backup Camera ReviewWireless technology in any device increases the demand of the product. Do you want to enjoy driving in a safe way? An efficient wireless built-in back up camera is irreplaceable. It keeps you secure and safe during driving in the rush area. The use of the rear view camera is highly safe for the new drivers. Have a look on other Best Leekooluu Backup Cameras.

The quality of the LeeKooLuu Wireless Built-in Backup Camera (LKL-00108) is exclusive. Is it waterproof or not? Yes it is. The quality of the material is highly incredible. It is available in different sizes and style. You can purchase it online if you want a home delivery. The price of the backup camera depends on the quality as well as the size. These are available with different features and sizes. The brand has introduced intricate colors and shades in the assortment. It is affordable. Now get rid of all wired camera and make your life easy. It makes your driving easy and comfortable.


The wireless module makes it an amazing device for the users. It comes with 7TFT display monitor and camera. To power the camera, driver has to install the antenna. It transports the video and image to the monitor automatically. With the help of the car charger adapter, it is easy to on and off. You can charge it from the cigarette lighter. The iP68 video camera offers 150 degree angle. It is very easy to install and need no mechanic for help.

It is incredible for offering easy communication during driving because you are free to pay attention to the mirror for back view. By using these devices you can enjoy music, phone calls, interact others without endangering others and yourself. This is one of the best wireless backup camera on the market. These are masters of safe driving and are recommended in driver’s courses. You can be able to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes only watch the road.


  • The wireless camera contains 7TFT display monitor and camera
  • The viewing angle is wide of 150 degree of iP68 waterproof camera
  • The range of the camera is about 100ft
  • If you receive grid line, you can cut the white wire
  • You can use V1 and V2 options for watching video on the DVD and the default wireless camera image
  • Offers portability and small size device
  • It can be charged with the cigarette charger
  • Protection of high temperature, short circuit, over-discharge, over-charge
  • Organized and easily manageable watch charger


[su_note note_color=”#accaf3″]Over all, this LeeKooLuu Wireless Built-in Backup Camera (LKL-00108) is highly efficient in offering the real back view. This helps in parking and reversing the car. It is affordable. This is an efficient device that starts working when your vehicle is in reversing mode.[/su_note]
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  • Intending with the modified Technology
  • Wide angle technology with extraordinary configuration
  • Infrared technology with built-in camera
  • High-resolution and waterproof
  • Comes with 2 years warranty



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  • It produces false sense of security
  • It has 2 blind spots at the back corners of the SUV


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