LeeKooLuu 7 TFT Monitor Kit Wireless Backup Camera Review

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Wireless and 7 TFT Monitor Kit 9V-24V ReviewWireless backup cameras are quickly taking place of old forms of short-range technology. These are incredible. These are easy to operate and offer clear and effective out with safety. These cameras are great to offer a clear rear view for parking or reversing the car. Users hope to add these gadgets to the reverse gear. Users have the option to purchase built-in wireless camera with monitor. It helps drivers to connect in several ways. They can easily view the rear image. The wireless camera is very easy to install. Have a look on other Best Leekooluu Backup Cameras.

The car manufacturers start into add reverse cameras as standard security feature on the new models. The rearview mirror does not give you accurate distance judgment. This LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Wireless and 7″ TFT Monitor Kit 9V-24V intends to assist you judge the distance between car and the object behind you. It eliminates blind zone. It is a user’s friendly device that is easy to use.


Due to efficient wireless system, it is very easy to install. You do not use long cables for getting the camera to display the image. It gives the strong image signals. These signals work distance range more than 45ft. The 150 degree viewing angle of the IP68 waterproof license plate is highly efficient. It offers day and night vision for helping you in the driving. The monitor gets the monitor from cigarette lighter, running light circuits, radio and fuse box. It gets power from reverse lights. By using this camera, you will do not need any friend for parking the car. You can install this camera on bus or truck. This is one of the best wireless backup camera on the market.

Drivers have the facility to enjoy their safe driving with passengers or their friends during travel within a reasonable range. There are two major possibilities for purchasing a Bluetooth device, either to buy built-in wireless device or to install it later.


  • Scratch resistant, compound curved, side coverless face shield, flush fit
  • Seven points for ventilation with forehead vents, rear, and chin
  • hypo-allergenic material, strong and sturdy formation
  • Aerodynamic shell design, lightweight
  • Offers complete safety for driving bike
  • Clear night vision with ED IR light
  • Monitor contains dual technology of watching DVD as well as image of back view
  • It starts working when reverse gear shifts in reverse mode


[su_note note_color=”#accaf3″]It is an efficient device that provides high-quality in services. These are less pricy and are not complicated to install. For offering easy back viewing during travelling and keeping your hands free, these devices are incredible.  On the market, users can easily buy LeeKooLuu Backup Camera Wireless and 7″ TFT Monitor Kit 9V-24V. These items are wonderful due to the modern technology that makes their enjoyment very easy during the ride.[/su_note]
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  • Easy to handle
  • Contains plug and play technology
  • Waterproof and weather proof
  • You can use it in rain and snow



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  • Due to poor signals sometimes it stops working
  • Sometimes it distracts and does not help in accident prevention


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