LeeKooLuu LH-600 Car Backup Camera 170°Viewing Wide Angle Review

LeeKooLuu LH-600 Car Backup Camera 170°Viewing Wide Angle ReviewThe innovative LeeKooLuu 170°Viewing Wide angle Car Backup camera LH-600 is highly efficient. Why do you need back view camera? This is important for safe driving. This will help you in reversing the car and parking. The traffic jam is highly a critical situation. You need an amazing device that comes with wide angle. It is highly efficient due to the unique configuration. Learn more about the modern technology of the device for easy mobility.  It is an amazing device that is designed for easy driving. The built-in compact density of high quality makes it an incredible support for your driving. Have a look on other Best Leekooluu Backup Cameras.

Containing the powerful battery that has the capacity of charging it is a must have option. Offering a dependable guarantee of safe charging, protection for high-temperature, short circuit, over discharge and over-charge to the users to provide extreme convenience.


The rear view camera, side and car front camera is formed with sturdy material. The material is of high-quality aluminum. The built in weather protection increases its durability. It is suitable for different vehicles. It eliminates the blind spots and you can view the back image without putting strain on your body. Its multi-function buttons makes its efficiency amazing with different 6 functions. The high-definition camera is great for your personal car. It contains many features such as its material is eco-friendly. This is one of the best wireless backup camera on the market. It is protective because it comes with weather protection. This camera offers day and night resolution. It is designed as per the modern trend.

It comes with powerful lenses and the wide angle gives viewing about 170 degree. This feature makes it a supportive device for the beginners. It comes in ergonomic designs. The quality of the product is amazing and makes it an essential device for you.


  • It has the quality to entertain you without disturbing and distracting.
  • It provides safe and sound driving. As soon as you start reversing your car, It gets ready.
  • Its wireless technology saves your from the messy wires.
  • It comes with power cables, English user manual, video cable, rear view camera an front side camera in black
  • NTSC TV high definition system, working voltage of 480 TV Line Working
  • Connecting to the source inputs


[su_note note_color=”#accaf3″]This is an efficient device that contains amazing features. You should do some research or spend some time in which you are interested. You will definitely make a checklist of the criteria of the helmet you want to buy. If you don’t, make a list to save yourself from trouble. After making the checklist, now go to different sites, talk to as many customers services as you can.[/su_note]
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  • Adjustable camera, shut off timer
  • 170 degree for wide area
  • 6 multifunction buttons offers 6 different function
  • Aluminum material is eco-friendly
  • It is durable and portable
  • Very easily operated



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#bf000a”][su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#bf000a”]

  • The back camera cannot secure front over accidents
  • It creates blind spot in the front view


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