Camecho With IR Night Vision Car Backup Camera Review

Camecho with IR Night Vision Car Backup Camera ReviewCar reversing cameras save money as well as reduce minor accidents. It secures life by offering visibility of the rear objects. It enables the driver to be more aware of small animals and children in their vicinity. What is rear camera? It is closed circuit TV or CCTV camera that is installed on the back side of the vehicle. It comes with viewing screen and you can mount it on dashboard. It allows the users to be more relaxed during driving because it reduces the risk of accidents. This is one of the best wireless backup camera on the market.

The aim designing these CCTV Cameras is to provide the facility of tracking or monitoring objects behind the car. The variety of cameras is designed to monitor the rear activities. The Camecho with IR Night Vision Car Backup Camera is highly efficient. It provides clear day and night vision.


It comes with display monitor and a rearview camera. For offering 2 channel video input, it is amazing. When reversing, monitor turns automatically on and switch to rearview camera. It is highly powerful camera manufactured with the adjustable vari-focal, high quality lens along with weatherproof Infrared technology. It offers ultimate rearview capturing solution that is appreciable for the weather proof IP resolution. It gives an excellent performance in the extreme weather and light conditions. It is helpful because of the adjusting lens according to the needs of the back view. This is very easy to install on the roof or on the dashboard. Have a look on other Best Camecho Backup Cameras.

It contains 170 degree visible range with IP 67 waterproof. This feature makes it highly efficient in the rain and fog. The camera gives performance in the extreme weather. This makes it highly helpful for the new drivers. It is a user’s friendly product that is very easy to install.


  • 12 months replacement warranty
  • 7 inch TFT LCD monitor, Dash mounted or roof mounted camera
  • Gives clear view in dark conditions, comes with backup guidelines, ¼ color CMOS,
  • IP 67 waterproof, LED night vision
  • Transmitter and wireless receiver offers solid signals
  • Working well from 20 to 40 ft
  • Available with user manual, wireless receiver, wireless transmitter, power cable for monitor, license plate camera, TFT LCD monitor of 7 inch
  • Solid wireless signals
  • Gives high-quality image with solid resolution


The overall performance of the camera is great. It is a great choice for you, if you are always in the pressure while driving. Now you will have a good idea about your possible options for the camera. It is a user’s friendly device that contains plug and play technology.
  • It has the features that are full of convenience, comfort and protection.
  • It is waterproof and weather proof
  • When you are driving, it decreases the accident risk.
  • All these facilities are to make you free, for safe driving.
  • It creates a small network around you
  • Audio Quality is not up to standard
  • It is a bit expensive