AUTO-VOX M8 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera Review

AUTO-VOX M8 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera ReviewIf you are eager to add the extra layer of security and safety to the car, during your driving, it is good to use an appropriate mirror dash camera. It is referred to dashboard camera. You can call it a black box. The AUTO-VOX M8 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera is an onboard camera. It helps in viewing back side of your car. This camera can be attached with to the interior windscreen. You can attach it with the assistance of the adhesive tape or by using suction cups. In your tight budget, you can buy an innovative rear view camera. With the help of the reviews, you can easily buy a wonderful camera. It is a mirror dash cameras contain sleek designs.

These are very easy to use because these are easy to operate. Due to the unique infrastructure these are highly wonderful for offering high-functionality. The modern high-end bridge cameras with compact structure these are intended with zoom lenses. If you aren’t satisfy with this model, you can also try other best auto-vox backup cameras.


With a number of several features, it is a high-quality dual dash cam. It can be installed conveniently in the back view mirror. It is available with SD card. Drivers get the facility of the high resolution with wide angle.  It includes 120 degree view angle and 180 degree rotating facility. Lane Departure Warning system increases the safety of the driver. You can get an alert or warning when the car veers into another lane. In this way, you get complete safety from accident. This is one of the best wireless backup camera on the market. With the help of the touch screen operation interface, it offers simple navigation. The 1296P exclusive Image and night vision offers HD picture quality.

The users get the complete security because of the fully functional system in the rear view. It facilitates the consumers for capturing the criminal or deterring crimes after the event happens. This camera is full of the features that are unique and cover the current needs of driving. It is the fact that video security technology has modified drastically over last twenty years.


  • Comes with 6.86 inch screen and 180 degree horizontal rear view angle
  • Offers Lane Departure Warning System with warning alert
  • It is the ultimate solution of the driving issues
  • Touch Screen Operation interface and Motion detection
  • 1296P High Quality for night vision
  • Sensitive Image Processor


The AUTO-VOX M8 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera will be a wise choice for beginners. These are made of strong and sturdy material. You will come to know about the features and details about the innovative cameras. All these cameras are highly functional and formed with modern technology. It enhances the output and the life of the device. Users are guided with detailed manual. It does not take more than ten minutes in coming in the working condition.
  • Offers night vision facility
  • Dual camera and comes with 180 degree view angle distance coverage
  • Offers record facility
  • Video becomes unfocused when the sun becomes too bright
  • Footage becomes white washed sometimes