AUTO-VOX M1 Backup Camera Kit Review

AUTO-VOX M1 Backup Camera Kit ReviewDo you need a quality dash camera? The AUTO-VOX M1 Backup Camera Kit Rear View Back Up Car Camera is the ultimate option for the beginners. It comes with several interesting features. It contains dual channel system with front rear cameras. The back view cameras are completed due to the cutting edge technology. This technology becomes more advanced. The internal parts are highly sensitive to dirt, water and fluctuation I temperature. The camera enclosures help to protect against different kinds of intensities for moisture and dust. It has the range from zero to maximum protection. The functionality depends on the weather proof technology that is used in the cameras.

The elegant feature of the cameras is the monitoring around the clock. In this way the user will never miss the single video. All these recorded videos are stored in the hard drive of the system automatically.


The back cameras are available in both types wired and wireless. These are highly cost-effective and containing the supreme quality these are available with an extraordinary interface. On the other hand, the wireless cameras are a perfect match for housing use because of easy installation. It is similar to the personal computer. It gives the facility of storing all the data regarding the files of digital videos to achieve it as per requirement. It is the system that offers diversity of CCDEC utilities. This is one of the best wireless backup cameras on the market. It gives plenty of choices like DIV, MOV, MPG4, MPG1, H.264. The main feature of the DVR is the storage capacity that is available in Gigabytes to Terabytes. It contains powerful image sensor to detect the motion. It is well-equipped with the modern features. The powerful lens assures the great functionality and extraordinary picture quality. The H.264 real time compression gives the surety of image clarity.

It is extensively powerful network camera for incredible security applications for the outdoor image capturing. These are the best options for the protection of valuable assets at extreme professional level. These cameras work dynamically 24 hours for offering. If you aren’t satisfy with this model, you can also try other best auto-vox backup cameras.


  • One wire and easy installation
  • Waterproof IP68, it is incredible for rainy weather
  • It is intended with powerful lenses and sensor
  • It offers high-quality image
  • Its lenses has the quality to zoom the image from far away
  • It offers high resolution with maximum mega pixel
  • It has the technology of built-in highly efficient built-in server that is for multiple simultaneous viewers.


It is highly innovative product. These qualities make them ideal for using in the dim light and even in the darkness. These are famous due to the dual technology of colored and Black and white image delivery for day and night capturing. These cameras switch over to night vision mode automatically, in the darkness.
  • Offers convenience in parking and reversing
  • Provides emergency lock single button
  • Two video streaming
  • Anti glazing properties with blue screen mirror
  • Needs to place rear camera outside the vehicle
  • Car backup camera is not possible to the front camera